Reflections on the Call of God

By: Andrew Fu

Something suddenly dawned on me as I was doing my QT this morning, and I would like to check with you if my theory is right. I was copying Ruth’s notes on the first Young Adults Seminar Message ‘What on earth am I supposed to do with my life?’, and there was this part (it wasn’t under any point) where she wrote ‘learn from Jesus – John 5: 19, 30; John 4: 34, Luke 22: 42’. It was John 5: 19 that triggered that something in me. How am I to learn from Jesus when He is in equality with God? Now, you may not find any direct link between this verse and what I am about to share (because neither did I)

My mum used to tell me when I was young that “I should be a good boy, because Jesus was good’. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this statement, and it sub-consciously shaped part of my Christian thinking of why I must strive for perfection (as far as possible) – because I need to follow and emulate what my Master did.

I now beg to differ. If I set Jesus as my standard, it will only be counter-productive, as I’ll never be able to attain it. Yes, Jesus fully human (he experienced what it was like to be tired, to be angry, to be sad, to lust etc) but He was also fully God. I am only fully human. There was no way God would have allowed Him to sin, if not redemption plan would have failed. My conclusion is not to strive for perfection, but to do my best with daily spiritual supplements, not because Jesus was good, but because He died for me and I was ‘bought with a price’. My mindset should not be perfection, but to simply try to love God.

Honestly, I say this because it gives me room for failure (not intentionally of course) and my heart feels less burdened when I adopt this mindset. However, it can be abused, as I might sweep certain personal difficult sins under the rug, instead of trying to confront them. I’m still at a lost of how to… should I call it ‘strike the balance’?

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