A Suffering Friend

By: Ruth Jamir

He … began to wash the disciples feet.
(John 13:5)

At the Last Supper, before Jesus was betrayed, before He was crucified, before He was killed … … He washed His disciples feet.

He was suffering inwardly – yet he chose to look outward to His disciples, His friends, His companions and serve them.

Jesus was going to die – He chose to wash His friend’s feet.

If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.
(John 13:14)

We also need to wash one another’s feet!

Are you suffering?!
It doesn’t have to be from physical ailments or injuries or financial debts etcetera etcetera
It could be any kind of itsy-bitsy thing that might be plaguing you mind, body or spirit right now. Some thing that you’re dwelling on forever and ever because you feel – oh this is so unfair! Or – I don’t deserve this. It might even be something self-afflicted – who knows.

Well, instead of brooding over that till eternity comes…

Look to Jesus!!

He suffered – He is our example!

Stop looking deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself, and trying to find your inner being or your inner peace or whatever it is the world offers as a solution to.

As a Christian you can only find yourself in Christ and Christ alone!!!


Besides, our sufferings can never be rightly and fully understood in its magnitude unless we contrast it to the magnitude of suffering experienced by Jesus.

Lets reorient our sufferings – away from our self and out to Jesus.

Now Jesus not only suffered – He served despite His suffering.

Instead of waiting for someone to attend to Him or to minister to Him, He ministered to them first.

It’s not enough for us to just reorient our mindsets about our sufferings.
We need to DO something about them. He commands us to. (John 13:14)

There’s no rule that says – if you are suffering you cannot serve.

In fact if you’ve gone through some particular rather unpleasant experience and you know of someone going through the same, you’d be the best person to minister to that particular person.

And remember His power is made perfect in our weakness– so you don’t need any qualification or certificate of approval before you serve one another. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

When in suffering – look outwards, to other people in the body of Christ and give glory to God.

Be a Suffering Friend.

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