Calling… Primary vs Secondary

By: Dev Menon

Continuing on the series on ‘calling’….

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Very often you will hear the terminology of primary/internal calling and secondary/external calling

Primary calling is often ignored since it is a generic calling, referring to the calling of every Christian. The word church is ekklesia – referring to a called out people – what defines us from the world is that we are called out of the world to be sent back in to the world, different from the world.

We are more obsessed with our secondary or particular calling – i.e. what about me? what do I do with my life?

The reason for that of course is because we’re naturally sinful and selfish – who cares about anyone else… what about me? More so as we continue into sinful culture.

Yet the irony is, the more we obsess about secondary calling, the less we will be able to ‘find’ or hear it. When we look so carefully at who to marry, which job to take, which country to live in etc… we ignore the primary calling that we are the children of God. As we brush it off, we forget this fact, and act like orphans – struggling to make a living in a dog eat dog world. When in fact we are Sons of the Most High, Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve (to put it like C. S. Lewis).

If you want to know your particular calling, which indeed is different from everyone else – but includes others, you must internalise your primary calling. You must know and experience what it means to be a Son of God. In knowing your Father, you will understand all things… the Spirit of God will make sure of that.

What then will we spend our time on? Getting to know Him? Or making our own plans in life?

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