Calling… Learning from Jesus

By: Dev Menon

So continuing to think about calling,

How then do we begin to discern our calling?

Realising that it is fundamentally more important to know our primary calling, and then only through that to get to our particular calling (refer here if you don’t know what this means), our priority in calling must be to learn the love of God – and therefore be able to trust our Father.

We need to come to a state, where like Jesus we can say,

“Not my will, but your will” – This is the true ‘wrestling’ of prayer – fighting our own will, our own ‘calling’ versus listening to God

Ultimately we need to say with Him “My food is to do my Father’s will” (John 4:34), meaning that we only can grow by doing God’s will. Our own will is always to our own detriment

That requires tremendous faith that our Father is good, and has designed all things for the good of His children who love Him.

This then is our primary battle to understand our calling – without going through this struggle, we can never hear His voice.

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