Calling… Where to Listen?

By: Dev Menon

Remembering that the most important thing in listening to the call is that we need to deny ourselves

Where do we listen to His Voice?

Primarily it is through the Word of God – not merely as a textbook – but as a Father speaking to His Son, Jesus – and you being caught up into the life of Jesus to hear it.

If you do not go through Christ as you look at His Word, you will again listen for your will not His. And you will make the Scripture say anything you need

But if prayerfully struggling through His Word you look for how He speaks to Jesus, you will hear Him speaking to you – as individual persons.

We can also collectively listen to His voice by reading His Word in the same manner together – whether in your family time together, your Action Groups or even groups you have set up in the workplace.

As we study His Word together other Christians and defining (kairos) moments will begin to come together and we will understand His Call.

Remember it is not to find the ‘fortune cookie’ piece of paper of what your role is in life, but a process of learning how to actively hear to His continuous call, ALL THE TIME.

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