-Time To Reflect-

By: Jason Ong

A couple of weeks before the retreat, I came across John 15 during a bible study session. It was a strong reminder to me of how we are strangers in this world in the emphasis on loving one another as Christ loves us (v.12-13) got me thinking further. It then hit me that I did not have such a community in my life anymore. (What happened to my family of God? The close friends I used to have who gave me biblical advice in times of need?) I enjoyed a relationship with God, enjoyed my blessings in life and enjoyed time with my family. But it was clear what was missing. This of course led me to the retreat.

Surprisingly, the focus of the second day’s message was towards building such a community and the importance of such love, support and fellowship. Needless to say, I made new friends, reunited with old ones and in the process of re-arranging a busy schedule to fit in a day towards joining an action group (AG).

I suppose through this experience, (on a personal note) the biggest reminder from God to me is that He was (and always will be) reaching out to me in this lifetime of sanctification. I just had to reach out too.

For those who didn’t come, here is a short summary/extract from my notes on the second day’s message by Han Teck :-

[1 Peter 2:4-12]

  • We travel/journey as a people.
  • We are created to need relationships (Just as God has shown by the Trinity).
  • God has given us brothers & sisters (a community of believers) to journey together.

An analogy was given from a popular war show series – ‘Band of Brothers’. With emphasis on being there for one another which also means (with the biblical references)  :-

  1. Seeing – Ro 14:1 & 15:7, Eph 4:32, Col 3:13, Jam 4:11 & 5:9, 1 Th 5:15
  2. Sharing – Ro 12:16, 1 Pe 4:9, 1 Jo 1:7
  3. Supporting – 1 Th 4:18, 1 Co 12:25, Ga 6:2, 1 Pe 4:10, Heb 3:13
  4. Spurring – Heb 10:24, 1 Th 5:11

1 PETER 1:22

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart. (N.I.V)

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