Calling… ‘Natural Factors’

By: Dev Menon

Continuing from here:

So what about factors such as gifts, passions, needs, opportunities to serve, etc… Where do they come in?

Absolutely we must take in to account these things – but knowing that our Heavenly Father orchestrates these as well.

All gifts are given by the Spirit of God – making them ‘spiritual gifts’ – though not all are supernatural, neither are they all used spiritually (i.e. via faith)  (1 Cor 12)

Our passions also would have been instilled in us by being uniquely created by our Father – personally knitted together in the womb by His Spirit as well

The needs and opportunities around us are also known to Him and directed by Him – such that if one lives according to His will, our gifts and passions should remarkably match the needs and opportunities

When this happens, everything prospers to the glory of God. And many come to know of His Name and call upon Him. (Acts 17:26-27)

Yet very frequently, we find that we are frustrated, that our gifts do not match the needs, or that we find our selves out of place, looking for ‘greener pastures’ elsewhere – in other churches or communities or countries…

Is it because God is calling us elsewhere? Or is there another factor…. ?

More next time.

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