Gujarat Pt II

By: Nat Ng

10 days. 1 Country. 2 States. 15 villages. Numerous experiences. Pt 1.

In the previous article I wrote about the overview of my trip to Chennai and Gujarut, as well as 2 of the 4 main things we did over there.

For this article, I will be continuing on the 3 of the 3 things as well as share some stories of miracles to show the significance of the name of Jesus to the Indians.

If you’ve noticed, the first two things that I’ve done over there has mainly related to prayer. For those who didn’t read the previous article, the two are prayer meetings and house calls, where we would prayer for the family or the cow.

Well the next two things also has in some ways relation to prayer, but primarily, the central theme of the both of them is teaching.

At all the venues and meetings we’ve had, two things you’d find in common is first, prayer, and then second, teaching of the Word.

Uncle Peter did most and the bulk of the teaching, though it was during this trip as aforementioned where I’ve so graciously been given my first few opportunities to share from the Word to a congregation of people.

For example, at Narayanpur, in the district of Uchal (MY! What a BEAUTIFUL place!), there was a gathering of missionaries, evangelists and pastors.

Uncle Peter gave me the opportunity there to give a short devotion, and so I shared from Psalm 121, with bro. Sunil as my interpreter (bro. Sunil is one blest with gift of tongues – he understands and speaks 12 languages/dialects, and still is in the process of picking up more).

I’d share for about 5 – 10 minutes, after which Uncle Peter would take over and teach. At everywhere we’d share/teach, save some house calls where we only just prayed.

My, my. I MUST share with you about this district of Uchal. VERY sadly speaking, I forgot to bring my camera for this trip, as a result, I have no opportunity to capture the oh-so-beautiful landscape of Uchal.

How do I begin? Imagine a great, great lake, where fields of golden rice surround it, where surrounding plains have cows and goats dotted across in herds or by themselves grazing.

Look into the shimmering lake, feel the breeze, and you’d notice that there are black dots here and there. Those are the fisherman, fishing for lakefood, which is their livelihood.

Then notice the quaint houses here and there, with a nice low fence surrounding it and an occasional cat sunning itself at the gate.

Ah! Now superimpose that image onto the land of Uchal, and there you have it.

That’s it. Yes. I’m not kidding. It’s beautiful. And not to mention the nearby villages are just as beautiful. Nice paths with houses and wood fences along it. Flowers and creeper vegetables growing up the fences around it.

The many chicks running around for your viewing pleasure as they follow their mother hen. The occasional cock-fight, and the friendly calve trying to follow you around though it’s tied to the wooden pole.

Beautiful. I told myself if that district does not change, or changes only for the better within the next 60 years, I will seriously consider my retirement there. Not sure about the wife though, if there’s one.

But I mustn’t paint you a misleading picture. As beautiful as places could be in India, it’s the people that really matters. Hardcore poverty reigns in some villages (thankfully it’s not everywhere), but on the whole families are able to survive with perhaps at least a meal a day.

Food wise, they eat lots of roti, and just to let you know, woe unto me when I first heard of it, but Gujarat is a vegetarian state. Well I don’t know how much effect being vegetarian has on a Indian person, because I didn’t get to interact with the locals much.

My trip centred on church visiting. Though there were house visitations, I was a “foreigner” to them, hence I only saw the best that they could offer.

So that’s it, the 3 things: Equipping of the pastors and leaders with the Word, attending prayer meetings and doing house visitations, all with the purpose for Uncle Peter to see the work, and all with the purpose for me to have a learning journey.

But of course, I must not forget to share my learning and takeaway points.

Well I wish it were, but unfortunately the list isn’t very long. I picked up a few things here and there from Uncle Peter with regards to preaching of the Word and some techniques to do it.

Thankfully during the trip there, there was also this more precious realization of the power of prayer and the name of Jesus. Precious in the sense that it isnt something new for me, but it was an old, old story told in a new, new light.

We all know about the power of Jesus and His name, but how many experience it? I did not, unfortunately, but I heard enough testimonies to be very encouraged by the some knowledge, also being able to see things in a new light.

And I shall share one of the stories that were such an encouragement to me in my next post.

But anyways by far I would say that that is my most valuable lesson picked up from this trip – a new understanding of trust in the name of Jesus.

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