Calling… The Great Distortion

By: Dev Menon

Continued from here  –

So where we left of the last time is that very often in our Christian life, we are left with a sense of frustration – implying that we are not where God wants us to be… or at least that is the conclusion we arrive at.

Our solution then is to look for ‘greener pastures’ elsewhere – but yet even when we do that, we find that we have similar frustrations, or other issues crop up – so we change again – until we arrive at point in time where we are just so disillusioned with things, we give up and ‘get on with our lives’, ignoring God for good…

I think perhaps the problem is not that we are not where God has called us to be… but rather we cannot ‘hear’ his call

As we learnt from Jesus –

Calling is about being truly willing to hear God’s will for our lives

Because there is another voice in the world – the same voice that has been there from the beginning – the one who speaks the ‘mother tongue’ of lies

In summary – as he did with Jesus in the wilderness – he comes to undermine our sonship (remember here:

His primary question to Christ is always – “If you are the Son of God” – do this, and that.. He does the same through Peter later on (Mark 8 ) – as he will continue to do, even through other members in the church – we are not spared from this. All the way till the cross.. “if you are the son of God, come down”

His voice is very attractive, very ‘common sense’, but ultimately it will lead to us walking away from God – because he will tune us towards creating our own will (whatever it may be), and that we know best – and all our decisions will lead to accusations that God has not been faithful to us, or that He is not interested in us.

A knowledge of sin is very necessary to help us with our calling – even if we think we are serving based on need, or gift or opportunity – very often it is a skewed perspective – leading to the same disastrous results. Listen here for more on that  

Thus the discernment between the Word of God and the ‘word of the world’ (that is demonic) is very difficult – and we must acknowledge that very often our motives are mixed.

Next time we will give some practical suggestion on how to have a ‘discerning ear’

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