The Wrong Kind of Self-Control

By: Dev Menon

A fantastic resource for women who struggle with eating disorders and self harm

I’m well aware that even many Christian girls will still be dealing with these issues, and usually be afraid to share about them…. as much as us guys will deal with lust and pornography and other ‘secret sins’ – which seem to be a never ending cycle of false hope and failure….

Run by the wife of my good friend, who herself struggled terribly with some of these issues…

Here’s some excerpts:

Meet Catherine of Siena.  This Tilda Swinton lookalike lived in the 14th century and, three times a day, she whipped herself with chains for an hour and a half.  She managed to reduce her sleeping to about 90 minutes every other day.  And of course, being so saintly, she slept on a wooden board.

Her diet was also strange.  She was famous for eating only a spoonful of herbs a day (and communion, of course).  Sometimes though she’d spice things up by eating the pus from a cancerous sore!  It was to teach her not to be afraid of death.  If she had to eat anything else she was well known for shoving twigs down her throat to bring up the food she couldn’t bear to have resting in her stomach.  She was revered for such ‘holiness’ and many other aspiring saints copied her behaviour.  But you won’t be surprised to learn that she died of starvation.”

These days we don’t revere monks and nuns and ‘holy living.’  But we still struggle to know how to relate to food and our bodies. Self-harm and self-starvation is as common and as deadly as ever.  And once again, the problem is a failure to grasp the gospel. If we really know the goodness of God and what He’s done, it will revolutionise both our lives and our culture.”

The gospel deals with everything….

Go check it out!

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