More Secret Sins

By: Dev Menon

Moving on from eating disorders, there is the issue of pornography…

It is estimated that 95% of males (and a surprising number of females) in the internet generation, have some form of sexual issues arising from an interaction with pornography… and I don’t consider myself an exception to that statistic.

Here is an excerpt from an article found here:

“The men… have sex with and marry are increasingly being brought up on a steady diet of porn, and the more they watch, the less capable they are of forming connected, intimate relationships.”

“In the vast majority of porn today, sex is not about making love, as the feelings and emotions we normally associate with such an act – connection, empathy, tenderness, caring, affection – are missing, and in their place are those we normally associate with hate – fear, disgust, anger, loathing, and contempt.”

“While men may share their favourite porn stories, they don’t tend to talk to each other about their addictive behaviour, which further adds to their isolation.”

The gospel of Christ is more than equipped to deal with such issues – the question is, are we prepared to sit down and talk about it?


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