When in Doubt, Pray

By: Elder David Leong

Natural reaction dictates that when we doubt, we either fear or become cynical.

In Mark 9, Jesus encounters a demon-possessed boy and his father. The boy’s father explains his son’s condition to Jesus who delivers the boy of that which has been tormenting him. In the course of doing so, he uttered one of the most powerful prayers ever recorded in Scripture. He said, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” The simple faith of this father, desperate for his son to be well is contrasted with the cynicism of the religious leaders (Mk 9:19) and the impotence of the disciples (Mk 9:28,29). The disciples’ error is not that they lacked faith. It is that they were drawn into controversy instead of into prayer. Had they re-directed their energies away from the argument with the Jewish leaders and towards prayer, who knows what might have happened.

Our doubts are not the enemies of God’s miracles, if we turn them into fuel for prayer. When doubts dig deep, may I yet say, “Lord, I do believe.” When cynicism cuts to the heart, may I cry, “Help thou my unbelief.”

Ajith Fernando once said, “We grapple with God in prayer until we have cast our burden on Him. Then the burden is handed over to God. We are released from its power.”

Stop hanging on to your burden of doubt which may cause fear and/or cynicism. Release them and let God take you away from its grip on you.

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