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Jesus – The De-motivational Speaker

By: Ng Shaowen From the Resurgence. Martin Luther: nailed it! Historically, Martin Luther is best known for igniting the Reformation by nailing the 95 theses to the Wittenberg cathedral’s door. But what really got the conceptual ball rolling was a … Continue reading

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When Love Came Down To Earth

By: Elder David Leong Though Christmas Day 2010 is here and gone, it is never too “out-dated” to ponder the words of this song: WHEN LOVE CAME DOWN to earth And made His home with men, The hopeless found a … Continue reading

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The Drawing of The Father

By: Dn Ng Zhiwen What I appreciate about Oswald Chambers is that he doesn’t offer a watered down path to Christ. God always made it hard to get in, and easy to get out – we always had the choice … Continue reading

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Spiritual Maturity in God’s Community

By: Elder David Leong Our parents want us to grow up, to become mature. And so does God, our heavenly Father. Spiritual maturity is that point in our relationship with God in which we realize that we don’t know everything.; … Continue reading

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A Time Of Thanksgiving

By: Dev Menon At the end of every year it is a good habit to take stock – of both good things and failures. Failures we commit to the Lord, asking Him (and His people) for help to do better … Continue reading

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One in Christ

By: Dev Menon Missed the youth camp? We definitely could have used a few more young adults to mentor the 80+ youth there! These were the talks for the 5 days on the theme of “One Lord, One Love, One … Continue reading

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DCC Prayer Requests

By: Dev Menon An attempt at establishing a continuing mission partnership with the DCC Centres in Kolkata and the Zion Bishan Young Adults Check out the facebook event here: These are the recent prayer requests from the new DCC centre … Continue reading

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