Spiritual Maturity in God’s Community

By: Elder David Leong

Our parents want us to grow up, to become mature. And so does God, our heavenly Father. Spiritual maturity is that point in our relationship with God in which we realize that we don’t know everything.; we acknowledge that life is a journey, and we understand that God is our eternal partner in this journey.

It is that point in our walk with God that we don’t need our flesh to be tickled. We don’t keep on needing the proof of miracles or signs and wonders to maintain our faith in Him. At some point we have to know that God is present whether there is a burning bush or not!

Does our faith in God rests on somebody else’s life? By that I mean that we love Him until somebody makes us mad or until an unfortunate experience comes into our lives – then, all of a sudden we don’t feel like going to church anymore. We believe in God until some leader in church fails to live up to our expectations, then all of a sudden our faith is badly shaken.

But at some point we have to have a faith in God that stands – even if we run into people whose character and conduct are not becoming of their profession of faith. We need to grow our faith to a point where we can say, “I know who God is; you can’t make me doubt Him because I know Him for myself.

Spiritual maturity has to do with settling in with God on the long haul and realizing that there is so much to God that it is going to take all of my life and the life hereafter to plumb the depths of who God really is.

There is so much more to life with God than simply just going to church – though I must stress that being in and with a community of faith is vitally important. God wants us to go deeper in Him and learn all that He has for us. And He wants to do in us, through us and with us. It is time for us to move from visitation to habitation!

Visitation is simply having experiences of God but habitation  is where we have growing and deepening relationship with Him such that we don’t just simply know about God but know Him in an intimate way. A real relationship with God is not just about getting things from God; it’s about having God with God with us. God is not interested in our ability but our availability. God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people, like us – if only we surrender ourselves. Moving from visitation to habitation means saying to God, “Lord, I want to go as deep into You as You will allow me; I want You to do with me as You please.” – in other words, totally surrendering to Him!

I want to feel God’s presence in my life. I want to go deeper into Him, moving always from visitation to habitation. What about you? Doing this alone can be difficult but together as God’s family, as a community of faith, in smaller groups, action groups, moving from “visitation to habitation” can be a more encouraging and fruitful enterprise as long as we keep all our eyes fixed on Him, the author and finisher of our faith!

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