400 years of KJV

By: Dev Menon

2011 is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Here’s an entire website dedicated to that fact!


In 1611, a convergence of circumstances and developments resulted in the publication of one of the English language’s most pre-eminent books – the King James Version of the Bible, popularly known as the Authorised Version. The year 2011 sees the 400th anniversary of the KJV.

It wasn’t the first English Bible by any means or even the most popular version at the time, but its style of language together with research of Bible manuscripts and their original languages (mainly Hebrew and Greek), discoveries of new documents and not least the combined effect of the Renaissance and Reformation – not just in England but across Europe, together with the dramatic development of printing, brought into being the well loved and renowned Bible version we have to this day.

A singly enduring version, with several revisions to update and correct errors of translation and print; deliberately memorable in its prose and layout; coming in many different formats and still widely in use 400 years on.

Modern versions have built upon this Bible version, updating its language and knowledge to bring an understanding of the Word of God to an everyday audience.


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