Missions Opportunity – MCEL

By: Sharon Quek

Pastor Quek has informed that MCEL needs help on every 3rd Sunday of each month in 2011 for assistance in running these various programmes.

For every third Sunday, it is hoped that a team from Zion may be able to go up to the MCEL churches to assist in the following:

1)      Saturday at Endau Church

(both require communication in Chinese, or translation into Chinese)

  • Childrens programme (2-4pm)

-This group has about 40-50 children

  • Youth (late teens to young adults) programme (8-9.30pm)

– This group has about 20-30 people

2)      Sunday (for any Elder, Deacon, Layperson?)

Preaching at these various churches (preferably in Chinese, if not, a translator on the team would be helpful)

8.30am            Hubong Church Service (The team is required to speak here)

Is a small church with 3 families. Elder Koo Chee Keong is a key leader in this church. They have their own building.

10.00 am         Rompin Church Service (Optional, not required)

Pastor Freddy is pastoring this church.  This church service is optional.  If enough capable speakers are available in the team, they are welcome to speak here too.

3pm                 Combined Service at either Rompin or Endau (Optional, to do only if team has the capacity to do this)

Requires translation into Malay and simple, lively messages, Elder Koo Chee Keong may be available to translate message into Malay, if no Malay speaker is available on the team

8pm                 Endau Church Service (The team is required to speak here)

Elder Wong Tse Pao is key leader in the Endau Church.  Attendance at the 8pm Endau service is bigger than at Hubong, about 40-60 people.

Hong Yok has kindly consented to help lead teams there.  He is familiar with the people there and will be a valuable link for the team with the church members. He prefers for the team to take on the responsibility of organising the various programmes (on Sat) and speaking on Sun.

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