A Walled City

By: Dn Ng Zhiwen

Our brother Dev gave a message this morning at the Bishan Morning Services on Zion Bishan as a Walled City. He did not talk about ordinary bricks and mortar, but about Zion Bishan being a church that is built up with spiritual walls, building in us a sense of family and giving us an identity.

Having walls also give safety and security – Think of the firewall in computer networking language. A firewall is designed to keep undesirable elements from getting into your computer via the internet. The safety and security of the walls however do not mean that we should stay within the “comfort” of church. A harbour is safe, but ships were never meant to always remain in harbour – after getting all it needs, they were meant to sail out into the sea.

Likewise, we are to be as a city on a hill, a light to the nations.
We should strive to keep the world out of the church, while the remaining as the church in the world.

How will Zion Bishan build her walls?

Remember that the wall was built up by people who took responsibility for a particular section of the wall. That means that everyone had to play his or her part to build up his or her section of the wall – or else it won’t be a very good wall!

What does this mean for us? Each of us must take personal ownership for our own spiritual growth, and do what it takes to have strong walls in our own lives.
Next, we need to help look out for one another – since their success or failure affects us. (We are all in the same family.)

Here’s a simple mnemonic to remember how we each can build strong walls in our own lives, and be a WALLED city.

Word of God – the Sword to defend a walled city (Ephesians 6:17); Go deep into God’s word. Don’t rely just on what other people say of the Bible, go and read it yourself; be immersed in it; Meditate on it; Study it. A good understanding of God’s word is the foundation for knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is the one solid Foundation for your wall.
How much of the Bible have you read? How much have you grown in your understanding of God’s word since the last year?

Assured of Salvation
(Romans 5:1-3). Now, there are many aspects of the Armour of God, but I would emphasise this one (the Helmet of Salvation – Ephesians 6:17) – Stand firm and assured of your salvation in Christ. When you do, many of the attacks of the evil one against you will fail – because one of the evil one’s chief tactics is to make you insecure in your standing with God. But remember, with salvation in Christ, nothing can separate you from the love of God. (Romans 8:37-39)
Do you have the assurance of salvation in your own life?

Lord’s name (Proverbs 18:10) – The One Who protects. Don’t forget that it is God who fights for you (Joshua 23:10). It is God who has also called you and I to be a city on a hill. He who calls us will also provide the means and the power to do it. Whenever you feel under attack, call straightaway on the name of the Lord, and be valiant in His name. He is the Head of the family.
What’s your first response when you’re tempted to sin?

Love – Pursue and cultivate your first love (Revelations 2:4; Luke 11:38-42). Let Jesus be your first love. Give Him your best, not your leftover, time and energy. As you act this way, you will grow in your knowledge and love for the Lord. The strengthening of your walls will be a natural by-product of that.
Who is your first love?

ar devoted only to hearing the Lord’s voice and command (Jeremiah 11:8; Jeremiah 32:33; Isaiah 55:3). You are the Lord’s servant. Tune your ear to hear only His voice. The Israelites would rally or stand ready when they hear the trumpet call or the voice of their supervisors. May you do the same as well… that is the mark of a disciple.
Whose voice do you hear and obey?

Discipleship (Luke 6:40; 2 Tim 2:1-2) or Discipline. You need discipline to do anything good in life. Discipline yourself to grow as a disciple of the Lord. And as a disciple of the Lord, seek out those who can teach you and help you as you build your walls. Learn from others who have progressed ahead of you in building their walls.
Who is discipling you now?

Let’s get ourselves going in the building work!

To God be the glory!

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