By: Dev Menon

In addition to the sermon on Sunday (all of the series can be downloaded from the website)

I produced a short appendix for the AG leaders on the possible ‘Rubbish’ we may find within ourselves – the church:

The ‘Rubbish in the Church’

Adapted from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon – “Rubbish” (Neh 4:10):

–          The rubbish that needs clearing from the body of Christ:

  • 1. Legalistic teaching (e.g. like the Judaizers in Galatians)
  • 2. The religions of the world
  • 3. The philosophies of mankind
  • 4. The errors by the church (e.g. the prosperity gospel)
  • 5. The rubbish in the flesh of saints
    • Legalism
    • Old habits
    • Worldly associations
    • Pride in worldly status

–          Comforts to the work:

  • 1. The foundation had been laid (Christ’s work)
  • 2. God will never leave a work unfinished

“…let us diligently strive to get away this rubbish. Whatever bad habit obstructs our edification, God help us to conquer it. Whatever sin there is about us, may the blood of Jesus enable us to subdue it. Let us press forward, dear brethren and sisters, never content, never satisfied, till we wake up in his likeness; and, as we have not all his likeness yet, not satisfied with ourselves, let us press forward, looking to that which is before us, and forgetting that which is behind. Faith and diligence, by God’s good grace, shall give us to be built up on our most holy faith, not with wood and hay and stubble, but with gold and silver and precious stones, which will abide the fire.”


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