Corinthian Chronicles – #1

By: Dn Ng Zhiwen

Zee Church Draws Sunday Crowd with Relevant Rhetoric

The neighbourhood church has not been as magnetic as it has been in recent months.

Once a humble house church with less than 100 regular attendees, Zee church has now grown to over 2,000 strong. Its Sunday Morning services, with its formidable preaching, are even pulling over members from neighbouring churches.

Rev Chee Boon, the Senior Pastor, explains, “I strongly believe in a powerful and persuasive pulpit ministry. Even lawyers and MPs have come to tell me that they’ve learned a thing or two about public speaking from my Sunday sermons. Now that’s really ministering to the flock in a relevant way!” Indeed, our reporter, who has sat in their service for a few weeks, has noted that attendance is noticeably larger when Rev Chee Boon is taking the stage.

Not all are impressed. Rev Newhiz, whose 50-strong church is situated near Zee Church, retorts that numbers don’t matter. “I personally know everyone in my church. All of them will state that they are mine, and I am theirs. I doubt Rev Chee Boon can say the same!”

Nonetheless, Rev Chee Boon does seem to hold sway over his flock. Mr Zng, who recently started attending Zee Church claims, “I’ve stopped falling asleep in service since coming to Zee Church. I am happy to say that I am of Rev Chee Boon’s flock!”

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