Fundraising (2)

By: Dev Menon

I thought I’d add my 2 cents (mites) worth…

Stewardship is an issue of money, faith and God’s call:

Jesus in some ways said that everything boils down to either serving God, or money (Mammon). Thus the hardest decisions of our faith almost always are about our money – however that can come across in many different ways – e.g. what career we choose, whether or not to have children, the friends we make, what we spend on, what house we get, etc, etc, etc…

Thus it is not surprising most people are very particular about how other people spend their money (though not so particular about how we spend our own money!).

We are called to be stewards of the resources God has given us – and so we want to be prudent about how we spend our money. Now that is much more the real issue rather than whether Christians should be rich or poor.

What does it mean to be a good steward?

1. A good steward takes care of the Master’s interests – he should spend with regards to His kingdom.

2. A good steward takes on the Master’s characteristics – thus what we are looking for is ridiculous generosity.

One particular pattern of behaviour can be very clearly seen in the mature Christian. He is highly discerning about where to give, but when he gives, he is extremely generous with others – even to the extend of sacrificing his own basic needs.

If we then believe that this building project is God’s call, shall we be moved to prayer to ask if the Lord would move our faith to give above what we would normally think we would be able, or even more than logically possible?

What do we think the Master is like? That is what will most categorically define the manner in which we give, each time we are asked. Does our giving proclaim that He is truly the Father that always provides abundantly more than we ever ask, think or imagine?

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