Corinthian Chronicles #2

By: Dn Ng Zhiwen

What should we do if we were to find someone in our church guilty of sin?

Let’s give a specific example, how about sexual sin; Let’s also say that the guilty one is quite well to do? (i.e. He’s someone in society, not a noob).

One can easily guess the “typical” response – we’ll keep quiet in public, but talk about the person in our gossip corners, and possibly despair of good deep within our hearts. Some might even question what’s the whole big deal… after all, just look at the newspapers, and you’ll see that such things get published all the time – if it’s so common, what’s so bad about it?


Tycoon caught in Incest;Church Leaders in Budget Dilemma

What would you do when a member of your church is from high society and has deep pockets… but was found sleeping with his step mother?

That is the conundrum that the Cheebs Church leadership has found itself in since last week.

Mr Z.W. (Not his real name), aged 37 and CEO, was dragged to the Church leadership group by his own 60 year old father, Mr C.B. (Not his real name), who had remarried since his first wife passed away five years ago. His second wife (identity concealed) is aged 34.

But the leadership has been dragging its feet in this case. “Mr Z.W. is a major contributor to our offering,” explained an Elder (who asked not to be named), “How will we meet our financial target if he leaves the church?”

The word has been going around the church and even in the neighbourhood, making for no small amount of coffee shop talk. “This is preposterous!” exclaimed Madam Sue Yu, a regular member of church, “Mr Z.W. should be hauled to court!” “I wished that I was rich like him,” lamented Mr Huang, a new member of the church, “Who doesn’t want to have his cake and eat it too?”

“This is amusing. We’ve not heard of incest before this church showed up in the neighbourhood. We wouldn’t have tolerated it ourselves!” mused Mr P.A. Gan, who has lived in the constituency for the last 10 years.

The saga continues.


Let’s make no mistake, as far as Paul was concerned, the situation in the Corinthian church was threatening the unity and the testimony of the church. It’s interesting how the 1st century church had the peculiar reputation of being different from the rest of society – the Christians showed more love and more devotion. (and mind you, this was attested to by pre-believers; it was even noticed by the Roman Emperor!). What about us today – what (if anything) sets us apart from the rest of the world? And how should we react when we find sin within our own gates?

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