What A Great Big God We have

By: Elder David Leong

How do we know what God is like? In part by looking back at His great acts, and seeing that He is the same God today as He was then.

What does looking back tell us? That God takes a lone man (Abraham) and turns him into a great nation and takes a barren woman (Sarah) and makes her the mother of many. This is the God who makes the desert bloom, who makes the desolate places become a well-watered garden.

In view of God’s power, even the most lasting of things, the heavens and the earth, seem passing and ephemeral. In view of God’s plans to save His people, even the most daunting of enemies will pass away and be forgotten.

The pattern we decipher of God in the Old Testament is the pattern we find in Jesus. This is the God who takes the rejection of the Anointed One, the Messiah, by His people and turns it into the ultimate act of redemption. He takes the final point of failure by His people, and out of it, gives His people a new power of obedience. Even as we fail to recognise His hand at work, He fulfills all His ancient promises – not only to us but to all the nations of the world, as His grace overflows to them in ways they could not have imagined!

Consider therefore, what a great God we all have! Need we “over-fret and over-worry ourselves unnecessarily? The God who never failed His people remains the same God we relate to today. He will be faithful to His promises to His covenant people. I can therefore “rest” and know that I am in safe hands!

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