A few more ‘work’ quotes

By: Dev Menon

Here are some quotes by great Christians about ‘work’ (and rest) :

“When riches come, the godless heart of man thinks – ‘I have achieved this with my labours.  It does not consider that these are purely God’s blessings – blessings that at times come to us through our work and at times without any of our work, but never because of our work; for God always gives His blessings because of His undeserved mercy….”  ~Martin Luther

“The action of a shepherd in keeping sheep… is as good a work before God as is the action of a judge in giving sentence, or a magistrate in ruling, or a minister in preaching.”  ~ William Perkins

“Faith encourages a person in their calling to the lowest and most difficult tasks.  A worldly heart doesn’t know how to submit to such lowly tasks; but because the faith gives us a calling, if it is necessary for us to do a lowly job, we are encouraged in it.  So, our faith in Jesus is ready to embrace any lowly job that He leads us to, which a worldly heart would be ashamed to be seen in” ~ John Cotton

“What motivates our daily work?  Not earthly favour or money, but the knowledge of the new creation.  Our work is Jesus’ work and our final payment is the great inheritance of the new creation.  This is a vital mindset for us to have.  We keep going through the daily grind, faithfully doing our best at work, because we are sustained by Jesus and our future hope.  We may have terribly depressing and boring jobs, stressful situations that wear us out – but because we are caught up in the LORD’s work looking forward to the day of redemption, we can keep going.  “It is the LORD Christ (we) are serving.”  We do our jobs well so that we do not undermine the Name of Jesus in our witness… We have a Master in heaven and it is HIS work that we need to bear in mind rather than the possibly questionable agendas of our earthly business.” ~ Paul Blackham

“When seeming Christians are worldly and ambitious as others, and make as great matter of their gain and wealth and honour, it shows that they are just covering the base and sordid spirit of worldlings with the disguise of the Christian name.” ~ Richard Baxter

Here’s one from Jesus:

Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?”  Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”  – John 6:28-29

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