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Humility as a Hearing Aid

From the Cor Deo blog: Psalm 34 is attributed to David as his response to God after he played the madman before the king of Gath.  One distich in the Psalm caught my attention in a new way: “My soul … Continue reading

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Who to Marry?

From the HeadHeartHand Blog: Yes, that’s right, forget Prince Charming and look for an ugly sister. (How’s that for a mixed metaphor!) Time reports the findings of a University of California study: Lower-class” individuals—i.e., folks without much money or education—demonstrate more … Continue reading

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You Are Free

From the48files blog: In the gospel, we are free from the wrath of God [and] we arefree for sheer enjoyment of God, the world, and our very lives, which, as created, are interwined with others. Acknowledging God to be God allows us to be … Continue reading

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10 Misconceptions of Grace

From ChristTheTruth blog: ‘Isn’t it wonderful that we’re now under grace?’ they enthuse. ‘Sure is,’ you say. And then they explain what they mean by ‘grace’ and you wonder what it is they’ve really found themselves ‘under’. Here are 10 … Continue reading

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The Galatians & The Prodigal Sons

By: Danny Chua If at any single moment, you’re like the elder brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son (‘Sons’ rather, if I may propose), vehemently hating the life of sin and working vigorously in the Father’s house, something … Continue reading

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5 Strangers

From the Communicate Jesus blog: My wife and I were watching an interview of a couple whose son had died after participating in a dangerous and completely unnecessary activity.  It was very sad – particularly because it was entirely preventable. … Continue reading

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The Journey’s End

By: Elder David Leong “Begin with the end in mind” is an important adage for our spiritual journey. When we have a clear picture of our destination we can make sense of our journey even when we feel that things … Continue reading

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