You Are Free

From the48files blog:

In the gospel, we are free from the wrath of God [and] we arefree for sheer enjoyment of God, the world, and our very lives, which, as created, are interwined with others. Acknowledging God to be God allows us to be free from ambitio divinitatis [ambition to be divine], allows us to accept our humanity, including those aspects of ourselves that apart from God’s affirmation of us in our entirety we would find unacceptable. In such trust that God is for us, and from the assurance of God’s present commitment to us, the future is promised as a space for the flourishing of life, not only personally but also socially and cosmically. In God’s provision, there will be enough for us. We need not be driven by the anxiety that results in greed. Furthermore, the past is not something from which we must flee in shame or guilt, but instead can become an integral part of our histories and identities. We are free from the compulsion of establishin g our own worth and security, because these are in the hands of a trustworthy God. As free, we can be free for others – genuinely open to their needs and concerns as well as the needs of the earth.

(emphasis original, p.184, Mark C. Mattes, The Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology)

Incidentally, someone pointed out to me recently that the first three words of God to humanity in the account of Genesis 2 are “You are free…”.

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