Justified & Righteous!

A handful of us were there for the ‘Ministry Matters’ talk on the 17th of September, Saturday @ Project Timothy’s last talk by John Woodhouse. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve gained.

Kelly Neo shares: For me the talks weren’t exactly what I expected after reading the description given on the Facebook event page. For the most part it didn’t really address anything that had to do with “full-time ministry” per se. But towards the end (that’s where the discussion group sessions we had were very helpful) I saw how learning something seemingly basic – being justified by faith – is in fact so important for any kind of ministry. It really goes back to the fundamentals of the Christian doctrine of God’s righteous judgment and where our faith comes in. I especially like, as mentioned by Vernon, how the focus is not on the ‘faith’ aspect first (which many tend to focus on), but thinking first about being justified and according to God’s standards. So my main takeaway would be to really go back to the fundamentals of my faith especially in light of full-time ministry, such that it builds the foundation for my sharing with others 🙂

Danny Chua shares: The speaker, John Woodhouse made it clear that its imperative for us to understand ‘justification’ (what it is and the need for it) before moving onto the means by which we are justified – faith. In addition, this was a needful reminder for me: God’s righteous nature demands our righteousness, yet leaves us helpless since we have nothing to show or prove to Him. It was paramount for me to note that the cementing of my standing before God in Christ is indifferent not just to my inability to make myself good, but more importantly (in my opinion) my ability to make myself good. Memorable mention by Woodhouse in response to a question, “Yes it is entirely possible to be completely justified by faith through grace without entirely grasping the theological understanding of it.” And that must sum it all up for us – we’re wholly justified through Christ, without having nor being able to wholly comprehend why God would authorize the Just to be an adequate price for the unjust.  Other than the 4 sermons, enriching lessons came also upon interaction with the other participants at the talk. I had the advantage of hearing from wise, practicing and non-practicing Christian lawyers, and our very own lawyer-to-be, Kristine too. Come down for the next Project Timothy talks in March 2012 and stay tuned for more from them (since I indicated I’d help with publicity anyway…) !

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