3-2-1 Gospel

My friend Glen has come up with this gospel outline – what do you think?

Three – Jesus keeps talking about His Father and the love they have shared before the world began. And He does everything in the power of the Spirit who communicates this love.

Before there was anything there were these Three. And their love was too good to keep to themselves. They made a world so that billions more can share in the love of the Three.

Two – The story of the world is the story of two men. God placed one man, Adam, at the head of the world to bless it and care for it. Yet through mistrust, Adam broke fellowship with God, and plunged the world down into death and curse. We all participate in this broken humanity and feel the curse of this broken world.

But there is a second man, Jesus Christ. God the Son became God our Brother as He entered into our broken world, stepping into our shoes. On the cross He faced the death and curse that belong to us. Three days later He rose up to a new kind of human life – the head of a new kind of world.

But which of these two men will we belong to?

One – The Bible says all humankind are one with Adam when they are born. We are united to the old humanity headed down to death and curse. But Jesus stands, arms wide open, offering a one-ness with Himself. If we trust Him we become united to Him like in a marriage. All that is ours (our sin and curse) becomes His. All that is His (His Spirit, righteousness, and cosmic inheritance) becomes ours.

In union with Jesus we share now in His family relations – filled with His Spirit and adopted by His Father. And when He comes again we will also share in His immortal, bodily life – we and the whole universe.

The Three invite you in.
The Two divide the world.
Who are you One with?

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